SaferTrader, a training and safety firm, are rolling out a great new scheme to help tradespeople get back to work safely – and help their customers to have the confidence to call and book jobs with them.

The firm realised that there is a big gap between Government guidelines and how people understand them and that tradespeople have no way to prove to their customers that they are ‘Covid secure’ and have read, understood and will apply the guidance.

SaferTrader’s Steve Window told us “We found that many customers were scared to call in a tradesperson because they were worried about Covid, or about the rules around working. This meant that the traders were not getting the jobs and the customers not getting the work done.”

SaferTrader developed a simple online training toolkit, with guidance and easy to use documents, that helps traders understand the rules around being “Covid secure” and how to make them work in real life.

One kitchen fitter who was an early buyer of the SaferTrader Toolkit said “we had some information from the Government, but to be honest it was one-size-fits-all. What I needed was training about Covid safety, and how to put it to work for me. That’s what Safer Trader has got right – it really works for me and my customers are so happy to be able to go ahead with work they need doing. Safer Trader enables me to prove I am ‘Covid Secure’ and that I will keep my customers safe.”

SaferTrader told us that they hope the UK’s 1m+ traders, mostly self-employed, will get new confidence about “Covid secure” working from the toolkit – and use it to put customers’ minds at rest, and to start leaving the money worries of the last few weeks behind.

SaferTrader ( is the leading industry provider of the “Covid Secure” Safety Toolkit that provides tradespeople (sole traders, small & medium sized businesses in the wider trade sector) with “Covid Secure” training, a completion Certificate, Risk Assessment template and draft Policy to enable them to work safely and demonstrate to their customers their commitment to keeping them safe.