Property Sourcers

The role of a property sourcer and what to consider when thinking about hiring one Hayley Gilbert, Commercial SolicitorWith more and more individuals and companies setting up as property sourcers or property finders in the UK, you may be asking yourself whether you’re missing a trick by not using one. But what exactly does a […]
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“Unprecedented times” for new commercial leases

The impact of Covid-19 on negotiations between landlords and tenants By Hayley Gilbert “Unprecedented” – a word rarely used in common parlance before Covid-19, but now heard practically everywhere! It simply means “having no precedent” – a concept that sends lawyers into a cold sweat. Until recently, if a landlord client wanted a commercial lease […]
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The holding company structure

Why entrepreneurs should have a property investment business, and why they should structure it in this way. Nathan is...

The appeal of the ‘New Deal’

Will the newly relaxed planning rules on commercial to residential conversions encourage you to venture into this area of investment? On 30 June 2020, Boris Johnson announced that his government will implement, “the most radical reforms” to the planning system since World War II. One of the proposed reforms, due to come into effect in […]
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It’s an Option!

HAYLEY GILBERT, COMMERCIAL SOLICITOR, DISCUSSES THE POSSIBLE USE OF OPTIONS IN RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. Caption on image: Hayley Gilbert, Commercial Solicitor/Director of BWL Consulting Ltd-Darlington The use of option agreements is fairly commonplace amongst developers, particularly to allow a developer to pursue a planning application for development safe in the knowledge that they will get first […]
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