Private Finance

How do private lenders think? Property is a great asset class. The problem is, it can be very capital...

Bridging myths BLOWN out of the water!

Bridging finance is one of those subjects where the majority of people – even property people – take a sharp intake of breath and shake their heads.  It’s seen as expensive and ‘risky’ – akin to the kind of deal you might get into with one of those high-interest loan companies like Wonga – remember […]
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August lending Update

I took an enquiry for a bridging loan last week from a property investor who was disappointed when I told him he...

Sunak to slash stamp duty for 6 months

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is expected to deliver an economic update on Wednesday as he outlines plans to increase the stamp...

Bank of England reports huge fall in mortgage lending

There may have been a surge in English house transactions after lockdown restrictions were lifted on May 13, but the pent-up activity...

Business Protection: Key Person Cover

What is the most common, and single-most important thing when it comes to your business? – I think most will agree that it is: people! That’s right folks, whether you are a Richard Branson-level entrepreneur with big, multiple businesses, or a small sole-trading company, the most important aspect of your business is YOU and the […]
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Development Finance 101

If you’re looking at getting into new builds as part of your property investment, you need to get to grips with a different kind of funding. You can’t get buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages for a new build, and bridging lenders see this as a specialised area.  However, there are lenders who do specialise in development finance. […]
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Starting out as a property investor

More often than not, people starting out in property have little idea where they want to end up or what they’re looking to achieve. Even those that do rarely think beyond a level of monthly income before diving in. Little regard is given for getting a tax-efficient structure in place that will allow property investors […]
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Fears over first-time buyer market

The Coventry Building Society this week became the latest lender to dash the hopes of first-time buyers with small deposits. Although it...

Financial aid affecting mortgage applications

Some small business owners and self-employed individuals looking for a residential mortgage are being penalised for taking government help during the pandemic,...