Property and SSAS Pensions

Mark Stokes is a successful time-served property investor, developer, and business mentor with significant experience within the commercial sector. As a SSAS trustee, co-founder of SSAS Alliance and EquaAcademy and author of the best-seller SSAS Pensions he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to impart on the subject that he is so passionate about. […]
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Vendor Finance

The magic bullet to substantially increase your deal leverage I often find that vendor finance is at once under-utilised...

Insurance for Landlords: what you need to know

Insurance broker Anthony Halliburton answers the questions regularly asked by landlords The world of insurance can be a minefield for both new and experienced investors and it is vitally important that the cover you arrange for your investment is on the correct basis.  We caught up with Anthony Halliburton from Sentio Insurance and got him […]
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Getting around the ‘6 month rule’

Kevin Wright, Positive Property FinanceSome lenders choose to apply a six-month ownership restriction before allowing any refinancing on the property and, while it’s not a method of purchase restriction, it can cause investors some concern.  Basically, the six-month rule may come into play if you want to refinance to reflect an uplift in value – […]
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What’s in your property ‘Scary Box?’

Like any other business set up, property investors have to start somewhere and – if it’s something you haven’t done before, then it’s probably in your ‘scary box’. You see, your subconscious is quite smart – it tries to protect you from uncomfortable experiences and, believe me, anything new will be uncomfortable at first, no […]
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Private Finance

How do private lenders think? Property is a great asset class. The problem is, it can be very capital...

Bridging myths BLOWN out of the water!

Bridging finance is one of those subjects where the majority of people – even property people – take a sharp intake of breath and shake their heads.  It’s seen as expensive and ‘risky’ – akin to the kind of deal you might get into with one of those high-interest loan companies like Wonga – remember […]
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August lending Update

I took an enquiry for a bridging loan last week from a property investor who was disappointed when I told him he...

Sunak to slash stamp duty for 6 months

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is expected to deliver an economic update on Wednesday as he outlines plans to increase the stamp...

Bank of England reports huge fall in mortgage lending

There may have been a surge in English house transactions after lockdown restrictions were lifted on May 13, but the pent-up activity...