Nazzim Ishaque, Lintel Founder and CEO

Lintel is a new, London-based banking firm aimed at international students and professionals, making it easier for them to study, work and live in the UK.

Lintel seeks to be the UK’s most inclusive and socially-minded bank that will put the Great back into Britain

Nazzim Ishaque

International students alone generate over £25 billion of gross output, support over 200,000 jobs nationally and generate over £1 billion in tax revenues. UK universities now recruit more international students each year than any other country in the world. Many of the world’s top employers are either headquartered or have their main European operations based here.

Lintel submitted its formal deposit-taking license application to the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) earlier this year and are now subject to their statutory review timetable.

At its heart, the bank seeks to relieve the pain and anxiety that incoming international students and professional workers face when trying to get a UK current account.

With Lintel’s unique on-boarding process and technology, customer’s can open a bank account in their home country. When they arrive in the UK, their current account, debit card and money transfer service will be ready to use, following a short pre-booked face to face appointment.

Lintel will serve its customers for life with the roll-out of products and services that map to crucial life stages as the customer progresses from education into highly skilled employment and settlement in the UK.

“Lintel seeks to be the UK’s most inclusive and socially-minded bank with a mission to promote our world-class universities and employment opportunities to international students and professionals across the world who want to make the UK their home. Now the need is even greater, as we emerge from Covid-19 and play our part in the rebuilding process and putting the Great back into Britain and showing the world that we open for business” said Nazzim Ishaque, Lintel’s founder and CEO.