Vendor Finance

The magic bullet to substantially increase your deal leverage I often find that vendor finance is at once under-utilised...

The holding company structure

Why entrepreneurs should have a property investment business, and why they should structure it in this way. Nathan is...

Systemise your business to scale up

What is systemisation? This is the process of designing standard operating procedures to ensure the consistency and efficiency of your organisation (yawn!). It doesn’t sound very sexy, does it? But don’t let the dullness of words turn you off; allow me to flick your switch and welcome you into the wonderful world of systemisation!  Without […]
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Rishi Sunak set to overturn Capital Gains Tax system

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the latest budgetary issue to come under the radar of Rishi Sunak. And not in a good...

Business Protection: Key Person Cover

What is the most common, and single-most important thing when it comes to your business? – I think most will agree that it is: people! That’s right folks, whether you are a Richard Branson-level entrepreneur with big, multiple businesses, or a small sole-trading company, the most important aspect of your business is YOU and the […]
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Starting out as a property investor

More often than not, people starting out in property have little idea where they want to end up or what they’re looking to achieve. Even those that do rarely think beyond a level of monthly income before diving in. Little regard is given for getting a tax-efficient structure in place that will allow property investors […]
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Aspiring new challenger bank

Nazzim Ishaque, Lintel Founder and CEO Lintel is a new, London-based banking firm aimed at international students and professionals,...