Manchester Tops City Property Increases

Property prices in Manchester over the past two decades have risen higher than in any other city in the UK – including London.  A new...

House Flipping is Fashionable Again

There was a time when we couldn’t get enough of all those property renovation shows. Sarah Beeney’s home make-over series and Homes under the...

10 Ways to Add Value to your property projects: Part 1

NEIL CHAUDHURI This month we’re delighted to welcome back Neil Chaudhuri, co-founder of specialist luxury student accommodation company Vogue Abode Properties. In this two-part feature, Neil shares with us his top ten ways to add value to your property deals – let’s kick off with one to five! With so much uncertainty in the economy […]
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8 Essential Questions to ask a property sourcer before working with them

TINA WALSH I started sourcing in January 2012 and spent the first ten months or so networking to build up my investor connections while also researching legislation, regulations and codes of conduct so that I could begin to create the foundations of an ethical, legal and compliant sourcing business.    I very quickly came to the […]
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Websites: Maximising your Marketing

In the last issue we covered why it’s a good idea to have a website for your property business to prove your credibility and serve your audience without you feeling you have to interact live 24/7. I talked through the purpose of every page, including content for specific audiences and the language and calls to […]
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Top Ten Tips For Fire Prevention On Construction And Refurbishment Sites

Construction and refurbishment sites are of high risk of fires. Fire prevention must therefore be top priority when planning, managing and coordinating construction work. Fires can and do kill, injure and cause serious suffering as well as financial loss. If you’re planning your next property development, here are ten top tips to safeguard your development […]
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Your property “little black book”

These days your little black book is more likely to be a contacts list on your digital device, but it fulfils the same purpose – it’s where you go to find the people you need when you need them.  If you’re serious about being a property investor, you need to know the right people – […]
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Lettings Update November 2020

Property remains an appreciating asset at a time when the average savings rate has slumped to well below 1% – a record all-time low. As such, investing in property remains a hugely attractive prospect and offers solid security for those able to cut through the gloom of the daily news feed. Yes, there remains uncertainty […]
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Steven Green

THE OLD BALL ROOM PEOPLE IN PROPERTY Born in Redcar, Steven Green lives with his partner Gemma and daughter Sadie. After leaving school, he followed friends into construction, starting a four-year apprenticeship in plumbing and roofing. On completing his apprenticeship, he joined the Royal Engineers and chose a new trade – joinery. While serving in […]
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Considerations for a HMO conversion: Part 2

Are you an investor wanting to get into the HMO space, maximise the number of rooms in your property and increase the rental income? Why wouldn’t you?! But here’s the low down from your builder’s perspective.  Last month I began this mini series on HMO conversions by talking about the factors you needed to have […]
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