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Private Finance

How do private lenders think? Property is a great asset class. The problem is, it can be very capital...

Getting stuck with Social Media?

I get it. You’re sick of being told that you need to be all over social media. It’s hard work, you don’t feel like you have anything to say and you don’t know which platform is best for you. Getting started I could fill this entire magazine with statistics about how many people are using […]
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Good books for property investment

FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS A regular question asked in the property groups on social media is: What books...

3 steps to creating a Brand Proposition

In the last issue we covered what marketing is, now let’s start focusing on how to go about it.  You may be wondering what a proposition even is. It sounds a bit like a cheeky request in the corner of a seedy club. It isn’t; I’ll break it down into three steps: 1: Personal brand […]
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Development Finance 101

If you’re looking at getting into new builds as part of your property investment, you need to get to grips with a different kind of funding. You can’t get buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages for a new build, and bridging lenders see this as a specialised area.  However, there are lenders who do specialise in development finance. […]
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Mindset Matters

The majority of people who are successful in property, business and life in general speak of the importance of mindset. And in...

When 2 become 3

Converting properties from two- to three-bed for maximum value and yield. This month I thought I’d talk about a good way I’ve found to add value to your two-bed refurbishment projects. As you’ll probably know, adding value means that you have a higher chance of getting a better mortgage valuation when you’re finished with your […]
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How to price up a refurb with Paul Tinker

Firstly, I want you to come with me to our weekly shop down Tesco in Brigg, North Lincolnshire. I am walking down the aisles with my trolley keeping 2m apart from the person in front and my mind starts wandering. I think to myself – how much would it be to fill this trolley? I […]
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Marketing – love it or hate it?

The idea of having to ‘do’ marketing will either fill you with joy and excitement or with dread and fear. I’m here to simplify it, make it accessible and help you understand why it’s crucial to your business. First let’s agree on what marketing is. For me, it’s simply a conversation, giving yourself the opportunity […]
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Paints & Colours by ‘The Property Thing’ Group

In the world of property there seems to be one topic that many of us love - decor! And more specifically, the colours we...